A view into the Infinite Culture of Art, Food, Fashion and Film

All coming September 28th and October 14th

Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming festival




In its 11th year operating in the arts scene of New York City and 4th year in Brooklyn, KAFFNY invites the world to participate in creating the first platform for "Infinite Cinema." Culture is not a fixed point. The mere idea of a "tradition" can be used for inhuman purposes. By applying the concept of infinity, KAFFNY turns the dialogue to all those artists who recognize a needed deference to the concept of humanity, and away from any official definition of global culture.

KAFFNY's expertise in programming comes from the application of a third culture perspective, which is a proactive form of cultural awareness from the inside-out, rather than politically reactive. For the first ten years, KAFFNY honed this by looking at the condition of the Korean diaspora, showing films from five continents, with all kinds of ethnicities, characters, stories, genres and mediums.