Thank you for everyone who attended the 12th annual KAFFNY festival. We had a great time, and here’s a video recap of the day:


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Location: Wythe Hotel Screening Room, 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

1:00PM future of america| Tickets (With Full Descriptions)

We start the day with a program of short fiction and documentary films focused on the current state and possible future of America.  After the screening we'll have a panel to discuss the many different stories and points of views.

Films include Frank's Plan by Juhui Kwon, Voyager by Ami Glazer, Eodiya by Jules Suo, Maitre d by John Kim, The Cure by Hadrien Gass, Voice of the Monolith by Bryan Edwards, Liquor Store Babies by So Yun Um 


3:00PM infinite love (co-hosted with we’re not all ninjas) | tickets (With Full Descriptions)

What is Love?  These filmmakers tell various types of Love stories in their own vision of the infnite ways that love can be defined and experienced.  After the screening we will have a panel to discuss the films and

Films include Open by Charlotte Sieben, Special Lunch by Michael Kang, Zero One by Nick Neon, Confucius Plaza by Patrick Chen, Yawth by Lida Vartzioti and Dimitris Tsakaleas,  Clique Bait by Anna Mikami 三上杏奈


5:00PM future is female | Tickets (With Full Descriptions)

The Future is Female and these shorts embraces stories centered on the Female perspective.  Join us to see these short films and a post film discussion after the screening.

Films include Jinju by Emily Park, Red Dress No Straps by Maryam Mohajer, Back Home by Haruka Motohashi, Shadow by Jae Won Jung, Daayan by Kartika Dubey, Bam Bam Bam by Yann Kerloc'h  


7:30PM infinite seoul | Tickets (With Full Descriptions)

This will be the official Brooklyn Premiere for our centerpiece feature screening of “Fiction and Other Realities”.  The film tells the story of Bobby, an insecure NYC singer-songwriter, who ditches his roadie duties while on a world tour to explore a land where everyone looks like him, Korea. He befriends Ina, a Korean busker who is facing her own set of personal struggles. They seem to find success as they lean on each other.
The film will be played along with the NY premiere of the short film "Between Us" by Hyojin Park.  This short film was also set in Seoul Korea and it tells the story of love and second chances.

Films include Fiction and other Realities by Bobby Choy & Between Us by Hyojin Park  



10:00PM infinite horror (co-hosted with Also-known-as) | Tickets (With FUll Descriptions)

To wrap up the day, we end the Halloween weekend with a Horror film shot in Korea.  In the suspenseful romantic thriller "Dead Again", a cursed diary tragically connects the fates of two pairs of young lovers. It is a twist-and-turn thriller, with touches of the occult and old-school horror.  The film will be proceed by a psychological suspense short film titled "Banana Bread".
Films include Dead Again by David Silberman & Banana Bread by Foad Faridzadeh 


wednesday, october 17, 2018

Location: Karaoke City, 22 West 32nd St, 7th floor

6:30PM Launch Party + mini screening | Free

Kick off the festival with a mini screening of three short films with drinks special. Karaoke will be available after. 

Films include The Lions of Chinatown by Lawrence Chen, Mariposa by Adrian Carey, Huff by Minjae Kang