January 13th, 2007

(Korean American Day)

Portrait of a Mother (2007, 4')

Directed by Suel Kim
Korean American director

Portrait of a Mother is a short documentary film about Young Kim, who is an avid painter, full time mother and daughter.  The film is currently being expanded, further investigating the reasons behind why she had stopped painting for several years, exploring past relationships with her parents.

Suel Kim is a graduate student at New York University’s Dramatic Writing program. He has written and directed several short plays, films and documentaries related to Korean identity and race relations in America.  Suel is an alumnus of New York University’s East Asian Studies and Tisch School of the Arts Film & Television Departments.

The Last Vacation (2006, 11')

Directed by Jae-Ho Chang
Narrative Short
Korean American director

On this final journey, a mother and son contemplate their last remaining moments together.

Jae-Ho was born in Seoul, Korea on one very hot summer day.  He came to the States in his early teens and later attended the Rhode Island School of Design studying film, video, and animation.  He currently attends the graduate film program at Tisch/NYU and is a recipient of the Martin Scorsese Young Filmmakers Scholarship and the Ang Lee Scholarship Award.

God Is Good (2004, 17')

Written by Dennis Lee
Directed by Caryn Waechter
Narrative Short
Korean American writer
17 minutes

Harold’s father’s philandering ways drive his mom to seek a drastic solution. Late one summer night in 1978, Harold unexpectedly finds her sitting in his father’s beloved red Corvette. This moment will forever burn in his memory: the moment his mother betrays him.

A Korean immigrant couple raises their son as an American in a comfortable suburban tri-level home with a spacious green yard. Harold and his angelic friend Mina, like other normal seven-year-olds, explore dark corners of the backyard, where they find a fragile frog seeking shelter. They capture this curious creature and place it in a jar. Like the frog, Harold’s mother, Jung, is trapped in her dual roles as housewife and mother in her husband’s domestic prison. Her only extension outside of the home is a laundry line holding the family’s linens. Having almost confronted her husband about his adulterous escapades, Jung resolves to make this the final day she will tolerate his philandering. In preparation, she cleans the house, organizes the family’s important papers, writes the final entries in her journal, and makes sure Harold knows how much she loves him. In the dead of night, when Harold sleepily walks out the front door to find his mother sitting in his father’s beloved Corvette, time stops. This moment will forever burn in his memory: the moment his mother betrays him. Written by Dennis Lee, "God is Good" tells the story of innocence lost - seven-year-old Korean-American Harold Choi’s story, unfolding on a beautiful summer day in 1978 before he witnesses his mother’s self-immolation in her cheating husband’s sparkly red Corvette. This film is based on a true story.

Upon graduating from the University of Chicago, Dennis Lee joined Teach for America, a non-profit organization that places recent college graduates in rural and urban school districts experiencing chronic teacher shortages.  During his years in the classroom, Dennis taught kindergarten, 1st grade, and co-founded an art-based charter school for at-risk middle students in Houston, Texas.  He then moved to New York City in the fall of 1999, to attend Columbia University’s M.F.A. Film Program.  While at Columbia he has written several feature scripts and has directed a number of short films.  Completed in the spring of 2003, his thesis film, Jesus Henry Christ, has received numerous awards.  The film will continue its festival run through the fall of 2003, concluding in the summer of 2004.

Willing (2006, 6')

Directed by David H. Kim
Narrative Short
Korean American director

He yearns for something at the beach.  When she comes, he's not sure, but he is no match for her.  They bask at the pool.  For a moment he's happy and content, which is the moment she needs more.  She plays aloof, and he must play along to her final demise.

David intends to make American films from the Korean American perspective.  He obtained his J.D. at Georgetown University Law Center and now attends the graduate film program at Tisch/NYU.

Knock-Knock (2006, 4')

Directed by David H. Kim
Music Video
Korean American director
Video set to the Pixies’ “Monkey Gone to Heaven.”

See David’s bio above under “Willing.”

How to Eat Cream of Rice (2002, 4')

Directed by So Young Yang
Experimental Video
Korean American director

Within Limits (2007, 12')

Directed by Eubin Kim
Narrative Short
Korean American director

Steve never felt like he belonged.  That's probably why he always got along with the gangsters, who know what it's like being an outsider.  But hanging around these gangsters has some consequences.  One night after an altercation with one gangster, it seems like he's gotten in too deep.  When Kyung Min unexpectedly shows up to "help" him out, the stakes are heightened when he must make a decision that will change his life.         

Eubin is the founder of Underscore Media, an event planning and marketing company which also publishes the Koreanxchange newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter profiling Korean community events in New York City. Eubin has a background in graphic design and marketing, and is currently attending The New School University for a Masters in Media Studies and Film.

Ken (2006, 10')

Directed by Eric Won
Narrative Short
Korean American actor
Korean director

Ken, a homeless boy gets picked up by Jack, a crime boss. 20 years later, their relationship grows into father and son relationship. Rival crime boss tries to kill Jack and take over his business. Now, Ken has to protect his boss who is his only family.

Eric Won was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. He studied sculpture at [Duk-Won Art High School] but decided to be a filmmaker while in high school. Then he started to work in production/SFX company [Young-Gu Art Entertainment] as a miniature modeler. He built miniatures for a Sci-Fi Blockbuster [D-WAR], starring Jason Behr and Robert Forster. Eric has won the Gold Statue for his sculpting in [The 2nd Seoul Cartoon Character Model Competition] and won the 5th place, next year. He’s been a freelance sculptor for several years and has done numerous sculpting commission works for various companies including Samsung and LG. In 2004, he moved to U.S. to achieve his goal as a filmmaker. He recently graduated from [The Los Angeles Film School], major in directing. Eric has written and directed two shorts. [The bat, the bird and the beast], a psychological thriller and [Ken], an action/drama starring Karl Yune. He is continuing his career as a film director and currently developing his next project which will be his first feature.

Dr. Miracles, episode 1 (2006, 5')

Directed by Randall Park
Internet TV Pilot
Korean American writer, actor, director

Jesus Henry Christ (2003, 15')

Directed by Dennis Lee
Narrative Short
Korean American director

Henry Hermin, a ten-year old with a photographic memory, attends St. Agnes Academy on scholarship for memorizing the Bible.

See Dennis’ Bio above under “God Is Good.”