November 14-16th, 2014


Friday, November 14th



tickets at door $30


Saturday, November 15th



tickets at festival $14




tickets at festival $14


Sunday, November 16th



tickets at festival $14


Fri, Nov 14, 8PM

Brooklyn premiere: KILL THE EGO (USA, 2009, 40:47)
A film by Rostarr in collaboration with Soundwalk Collective Directed by Jim Helton & Ron Patane
Produced by Eric Dalbin, Soundwalk & MAC Créteil

KILL THE EGO is an epic 40-minute poem composed of sound recordings made by Soundwalk Collective in New York over a 10-year period between 1998 and 2008. Soundwalk captured and wove together sounds, conversations, and songs of urbanity gathered from the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Upon discovering Soundwalk’s recordings in February 2008, the artist Romon Kimin Yang, also known as Rostarr, began to envision it as a painting film. French producer Eric Dalbin then brought Rostarr and Soundwalk Collective together to make KILL THE EGO, with directors Jim Helton and Ron Patane commissioned to realize the film of Rostarr’s vision of Soundwalk’s sound. Inspired by the process-oriented masterpiece “The Mystery of Picasso” by Henri-Georges Clouzot, and the work of experimental filmmakers Stan Brakhage and Phil Solomon, the filmmaking process began almost at once. Throughout the shooting and editorial process, the soundtrack played over and over, the sound merging with the paint in Rostarr’s studio and later with the image, as the two elements merged into what is now known as KILL THE EGO.

Rostarr’s works from the film will be exhibited in Wythe Cinema’s adjoining private room for the full duration of the festival, November 14-16. Rostarr will be in attendance. A possible performance by the Soundwalk Collective to be announced.


Sat, Nov 15, 430PM

World premiere: FATHER TIME (USA, 5:00)
Music by Bora Yoon from multimedia release SUNKEN CATHEDRAL
Featuring the kinetic sculpture "Cakra-2552a", a kinetic mandala based on the birth year of Buddha, by U-Ram Choe.
Directed by Adam Larsen

FATHER TIME is a unique b&w art film/music video featuring the collaboration between Korean American sonic surrealist and TED Fellow Bora Yoon, and Seoul-based Korean kinetic sculptor U-Ram Choe. By pairing these Korean diasporic voices with filmmaker Adam Larsen, this film fuses music and moving image, exploring various dimensions, tempos, phasing, binaries, and synergies of time – the visual poetry of memory, blood identity, ritual, divinity, nature, and the myth of creation. Available as an interactive graphic album on iPad this November with app (Gr)Album.

KAFFNY announces the world premiere and official release of the SUNKEN CATHEDRAL art film trilogy, produced by The (Gr)Album Collective. Distributed by Apple and iPad as a full trilogy of works featuring music by Bora Yoon, and kinetic sculptures by U-Ram Choe. The full trilogy including FATHER TIME,

and the SUNKEN CATHEDRAL graphic album can be viewed on iPad media stands following the ‘Shorts Eclectic’ screening of FATHER TIME, and through the festival weekend. Bora Yoon in attendance.

Brooklyn premiere: FACTORY MAN (USA, 2014, 4:33)
Documentary directed by Jihye Ku
When garment producers made an exodus en masse, New York’s once robust manufacturing industry withered into a small number of factories scattered throughout the boroughs. In spite of this, at the heart of the city’s garment district, one Korean immigrant survived. Jihye Ku in attendance.

World premiere: SOMNIUM (USA, 2012, 4:17)
Narrative directed by WooJae Chung
A man facing death dreams for one last time. WooJae Chung in attendance.

USA premiere: THE URBAN SUITE (South Korea, 2014, 12:30)
Documentary directed by Forest Ian Etsler and Sébastien Simon
A historic residential district within the ancient Seoul city walls, Gyonam-dong embodies South Korea's transformation from the pre-Japanese Occupation era to the modern democratization. The Urban Suite's four distinct narratives serve as a meditation on the passage of time and its effects on people and places.

North American premiere: ENTRY (South Korea, 2013, 13:20)
Animation directed by HyunWoo Kim
The movie is based on a real story about the life of a North Korean defector and their family trying to escape to South Korea.

East Coast premiere: VONG PAK (USA, 2014, 4:40)
Documentary directed by Jenny Schweitzer
One man's quest to heal society through his passion for traditional Korean drumming, VONG PAK is an episode of RHYTHM IN MOTION, a ten part series of slice-of-life video vignettes centered around the extraordinary subway musicians of New York City. The series is affiliated with MTA Arts For Transit and Urban Design and Music Under New York. Jenny Schweitzer in attendance.

Brooklyn premiere: DRAGONFLY (USA, 2013, 7:23)
Narrative directed by Harry Bainbridge
What does it take to become a Dance Dance Revolution God? Much must be suffered, learned, and lost. As our hero fights greater odds and becomes more obsessed, he might lose the most important thing in his life, his girl. .Harry Bainbridge in attendance.

World premiere: THE PENINSULA (New Zealand, North Korea, South Korea, 2014, 27:15) Documentary directed by Hunter Abbey
Join a group of New Zealand motorcyclists as they traverse the Korean Peninsula from north to south to discover everyday life in the world’s most secretive nation: North Korea.


Sat, Nov 15, 8PM

KAFFNY screens an unreleased feature film made by a Korean American director starring Korean and Asian American talent. Attendance for this screening is largely by invitation only. Audience members will not know the title of this surprise screening until it is unveiled on Saturday evening.


Sun, Nov 16, 4PM

Brooklyn premiere: THE SPOON (South Korea, 2013, 15:47)
Narrative directed by Shinyoo Kang
Yujung goes camping in the forest with her boyfriend, who has an unusual obsession towards her spoon. Soon after, her boyfriend disappears and Yujung finds a spoon instead of her boyfriend in the forest.

Brooklyn premiere: OH! MY PRINCESS (South Korea, 2014, 16:23)
Narrative directed by Heewook SA
Sooncheol is a taxi driver and single father, trying to raise his high school student daughter alone. One night, he picks up a student who he suspects is bullying his daughter and must decide whether to intervene. Heewook SA in attendance.

Brooklyn premiere: WHITE RABBIT (USA, 2014, 18:00)
Narrative directed by Christina Yoon
Grace Park, a 14-year-old aspiring journalist, attends an upper-class private school where she finds herself disconnected from everyone around her. After several grotesquely murdered rabbits are found near her school, Grace starts an investigation and tries to uncover the killer.

Brooklyn premiere: UGLY NIGHT (South Korea, 2013, 22:00)
Narrative directed by Won Kang
Dong-cheol is beat up by Kyung-ho every day. One day, Dong-cheol steals a box of fried chicken and offers it to Kyung-ho. But Kyung-ho expects more and orders him to do something even bigger to prove his worth.

New York premiere: GET UP (Germany, 2013, 24:39)
Narrative directed by Seung-Hyun Chong
Taeshik, a 26-year-old German-born man of Korean descent, is in turmoil. He doesn’t connect to his Korean heritage or his German culture, and remains adrift. His only passion is boxing, but will he be able to pull it together to beat his adversary in the boxing ring?