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Director: H. Paul Moon 

O pastor animarum is an original Latin text from the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, translated as "O shepherd of souls," which forms the basis for this film's original score sung and performed by composer Bora Yoon. As a music-driven dance film, it explores the crossing of artist and messiah, east and west, land and sea, and religious sacraments. Beginning with traditional Korean dance, drum and haegum, it moves from sanctuary to graveyard to forest to sea, with increasing camera momentum and musical aggression, into a cycle of paschal violence.

H. Paul Moon is a filmmaker, composer and video artist. Moon's debut was the award-winning El Toro — an experimental work that intersects Spanish bullfights and religion. Moon’s first documentary was the award-winning R. Luke DuBois: Running Out of Time, profiling a composer and visual artist. Other selected films include: Hamac Cazíim, about a punk band using music to maintain their indigenous heritage; Time Crunch, a landscape/environmental film collaboration with composer Jordan Kuspa; and Simple Machines with an original music score by R. Luke DuBois — all official selections at film festivals internationally. His documentaries LowerTown Paducah and The Saxon New World are still playing in festivals. Projects still in production include five feature-length documentaries: about composer Samuel Barber, cowboy poetry, Fluxus art, the Occupy movement, and the life of Whittaker Chambers. Moon is the recipient of the Emergence award at Docs In Progress, where he teaches video editing as an Adobe Certified Expert. Most recently, he worked as a small camera specialist for a Paramount feature film starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and was a resident dance filmmaker atExperimental Film Virginia in Cape Charles, Virginia.