Director: Cassidy Lackos

Two Korean hit men are hired to take care of financial loose ends for their boss. One of the partners, Chung-Hee, has doubts about his path in life and wants to get out. He tries to convince his partner, who he's known since childhood, to come with him and quit the game. Unfortunately, his partner is in too deep with their boss, and won't leave. Chung-Hee must make the choice between his conscience and his partner, when faced with killing an innocent woman.

Cassidy Lackos, born in Tampa, Florida, began his affinity for great movies at a very early age, with titles ranging from “Thief,” to “Thelma and Louise.” As he grew older, his tastes in movies diversified. One movie in particular, became a great influence in the styling and “feel” of his projects. The movie was "Blade Runner," by Ridley Scott. Scott’s exact use of lighting, colors, atmosphere, and art direction created such a unique and engaging world, it enticed Cassidy to strive to create artwork as visually striking and thought provoking, with the ability endure the evolution of film.