Director: Will Kim ⎜ 2 minutes 7 seconds⎜animation  

Waiting is a short animated film about different reasons and ways of waiting.  Will Kim uses watercolor as a main tool to animate his dream about his friend Simon, who passed away after a long and patient fight with a rare illness.  Simon was the bravest and warmest man who fearlessly waited to be with his friends, family, and God.  In the film, when everyone is gone and left with a physical emptiness, our spirits remain in the same places.

Will Kim is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker, currently teaching animation and drawing at Riverside City College where he also directs Riverside City College Animation Showcase. Will Kim received an MFA ('09) in Animation from UCLA and a BFA ('07) in Character Animation from Cal Arts. In recent years, he also taught at CalArts, Community Arts Partnership and Sitka Fine Arts Camp as a media art instructor. Kim’s work has showed in over 100 international film/animation festivals and auditoriums including Directors Guild of America (DGA) Theater, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Theater, The Getty Center, The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, and Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego. As an animation supervisor and a lead animator, Will has participated in various feature and short live action films that were selected for the New York Times' Critic's Pick, the United Nations' Climate Change Conference, Los Angeles Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Cannes. Also, Will has painted and animated for companies like 'Adidas' and 'Ito En.'