Infinite Food Connection

Saturday 10/14 1:00PM at Wythe Hotel Cinema



On the menu of this program is a group of short films highlighting the bonding power of food as a centerpiece of human nourishment.  After the screening we'll have a panel to discuss the many different stories behind the people who make the food that we eat.  The panel will be moderated by Matt Rodbard.  Matt is the Editor in Chief of TASTE and the author of Koreatown: A Cookbook, a New York Times Best Seller. He work has appeared in the New York TimesWall Street Journal, Travel & LeisureBon AppetitSaveurGQ, Lucky Peach.


We will end with a Korean Kimbap tasting sponsored by Kimbap Lab:




The Last Tip (USA, 5")

dir. Patrick Chen

Produced within 24 hours before the official closing of 69 Bayard Restaurant, filmmaker Patrick
Chen pays tribute to the long-time establishment through the eyes of a loyal patron reminiscing
his fondest memories in the eatery as he takes his last meal.

Patrick Chen_IMDB2d.jpg

Patrick Chen is a writer and director from Queens, New York. His short film “The Last Tip” has recently screened at CAAMfest, Los Angeles Asian American Pacific Film Festival and other various festivals. The film was awarded Best Short Short Film at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. It was praised by the Chinese American community and described as heartfelt and nostalgic. Patrick's prior films were appointed as top finalists by the Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hours Shootout competition. You may find his additional works as Chen Xi Hao.



Cooking with Granny (USA, 10")

dir. Caroline Shin


When a New York video journalist realizes her North Korean refugee and superhero grandma is getting older, she goes on a mission to preserve her recipes and stories. It unfolds into an episodic Kickstarter-funded journey through grandmothers’ kitchens and across cultures in the immigrant foodie hub that is New York City.

Headshot Caroline Shin - Cooking with Granny.jpg

Caroline Shin: Director, Producer, Host, Camera Operator, Editor Caroline Shin is a multi-platform journalist, telling stories via text, photo, video, and GIFs. She was a video producer at New York magazine before officially launching her baby, Cooking with Granny, in 2015. She has an MS from Columbia Journalism School and a BA from Brown University. Her work has been published on InStyle, NY1, and CNN. A proud Queens girl, she draws on the multiculturalism of New York City for inspiration.



Shield (USA/20") -Brooklyn Premiere

dir. Yijie Mei

A young woman Lara hides an unrevealed secret. Everything changes after a late-night
Chinese food delivery.


Director and writer Yijie Mei is originally from China and has lived in NYC for the past six
years. With a background in psychology and tutored by three time Academy Awards winner Chris Newman, she graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2017 with a degree in film, specializing in directing. Her thesis film Shield has been selected to a few film festivals and will continue to submit more. Currently Yijie works in Film and commercial industry in NYC and her first feature film is in the process of preparing.



Kimchi Taco (USA/14"16') 

dir. Seran Kim 


Traumatized by the brutal murder of her husband in Spanish Harlem, a Korean shopkeeper finds an unexpected ally in a young Mexican woman with a secret.


SERAN KIM (Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer) is a South Korean-born filmmaker, formerly trained in meditation, design, and fine arts.  Based on her living and working experiences in Seoul, New York, Singapore, and Paris as a 1.5 generation Korean American, she is drawn to creating unique inner-worlds of her characters in the works.  She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Asia for film directing. Underdog, minority, mixed cultures, and healing are the current themes she plans to explore further in her films.



Migrant Kitchen (USA/20")

dir, Sarah K. Khan



Migrant Kitchens

Migrant Kitchens makes invisible im/migrants visible by bearing witness, and relaying their stories thru the lens of food.

Negro Motorist Green Book, Queens NY, Migrant Kitchens

In the United States, the advent of the automobile conjured a world with open roads to journey with wonder, spontaneity, and freedom. Yet this romantic did not apply to all.  Enter Victor H. Green. A postal worker from Harlem, Green published The Negro Motorist Green Book for Harlem, his city, and New York in 1936 for Black travelers during the Jim Crow era in the USA.

Street Carts of Desire: Évelias Courageous Tamales

Évelia is a street vendor from Mexico. She shares her migrant story and her experiences selling tamales without a permit, confronting police harassment, and finding the courage to fight the obstacles and fear. Her story of migration and hard work is the story of many street vendors, everywhere.

Surviving Surveillance, Catering to America

Shahina Parveen’s son, Shahawar Matin Siraj, was imprisoned for a crime he never committed, after being surveilled and detained by the NYPD. His lawyer, Martin Stolar, claimed that Siraj was wrongly arrested to be used as a symbol of the war on terror.

While fighting her son’s legal case, Shahina learned to support herself and her cause by cooking and catering. Her story is captured in Sarah K. Khan’s powerful new short film Surviving Surveillance, Catering to America: Shahinah Parveen


SKKhan Headshot(1).jpeg

Sarah K. Khan, a two-time Fulbright Scholar (2001-02 & 2014-15), creates multimedia content about food and culture grounded in social justice. Sarah spent 20 years researching traditional ecological knowledge systems of Asia and the Middle East (nutrition, public health, integrative medicine, plant sciences, and agro-ecology). She left academics to work as a writer-multimedia artist to share her work with the larger global audience.  She creates global media content on Migrant Kitchens. The goal is to make invisible visible, bear witness, and relay the stories of migrants, through the lens of food with photography, film, interactive maps and story. 



Cooking Beyond Assad's Regime: Refugee Chefs (UK/10")

dir. Ben Furguson


Refugee Chefs introduces us to some of the 200 million people alive today who have fled their country of origin, telling the stories of what they left behind and the recipes that made the journey with them.

Roudi Chikho narrowly escaped death after the Syrian government learned he had been secretly filming the atrocities committed by President Bashar Al-Assad's forces. He left everything behind, and was smuggled to safety. In this episode of Refugee Chefs, Roudi shares his memories of home and tells the story of how he found refuge in London and work in one of the UK's finest Middle Eastern restaurants.


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