Infinite Migration Connection

Saturday 10/14 7:30PM at Wythe Hotel Cinema



In this program, we are showing a feature documentary that follows two Dutch filmmakers as they visit towns in the US that are named after Amsterdam. The people they meet along the way tells stories about their home and their family history, often touching on the topic of migration and finding a place to call home.

This film is proceeded by a short film about a Korean American Adoptee who is a performance artist in LA. The piece explores her feelings towards her mother and her identity. She will be at the screening and will lead an interactive experience to accompany the film.

We will also have Jen Kim from Also-Known-As, Inc to help moderate the Q&A.

Amsterdam Stories USA-West (Belgium/USA,90") -US PREMIERE

dir. Rob Rombout & Rogier van Eck



The 15 Amsterdams in the United States were born of the massive migratory flow of previous centuries. Its most memorable symbol was the foundation in 1625, on Manhattan Island, of New Amsterdam, the ancestor of New York.

Amsterdam is the pretext for a cinematic adventure that bring to light forgotten places and unexplored terrain. We have placed people centre-stage. In that sense, “Amsterdam Stories USA” is first and foremost a film about listening : “hearing voices”.



Rogier van Eck (Paris, 1952). Has lived and worked in Brussels since 1975. Teacher at INSAS, Brussels film school. Film workshops in Morocco, in Cuba, in Norway, in Zimbabwe and Thailand. From 1978 to 2000, has worked mainly as a film editor. Since 1990, has worked as director of several commissioned documentaries (Architecture, Thema, European Commission). Created, supervised & wrote with Marc-Henri Wajnberg the TV-collection “Kaleidoscope, looking at life frames” for Arte-France (33 episodes, 26 min. each, 2001-2006), scriptwriter & collaboration on “Oscar Niemeyer, an architect committed to his century”(60 min. Arte-France. 2000).

Rob Rombout (Amsterdam, 1953). Has lived and worked in Brussels since 1975. Teacher at St.Lukas, Brussels film & art school. Co-founder and executive of the Doc-Nomads international Master. Directed documentary workshops around the world : Brazil, Vietnam, China, Portugal, Lebanon and France. As independent filmmaker, he directed : “Entre deux tours” (16 min. 1987), “Nord Express” (60 min. 1990), “Transatlantic QE2” (52 min.1992), “Black Island” (52 min. 1994), “Les Açores de Madredeus” (40 min. 1995), “Canton-the-Chinese” - with Robert Cahen (52 min. 2001), “Les passagers de l’Alsace” (52 min. 2002), “QM2, the enterprise” (70 min. 2004).


Dear Mother (USA, 2017, 3"46')

dir. Matthew Kaundart


Like thousands of Korean orphans since the 1950s, Kayla Tange was adopted by an American family and brought to the United States as an infant in 1983. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she works as an exotic dancer and a performance artist. In 2011, Kayla made arrangements through a social worker to meet her birthmother. After traveling to Korea, she was devastated to learn that her birthmother had changed her mind and refused to meet with her. Kayla returned to the US with even more questions and an even heavier heart than before. Kayla hopes this visual letter filmed over the course of a year will help bring her some sort of peace if not the chance to finally meet the mother she’s never known.


Kayla Tange Bio Photo .jpg

Kayla Tange (writer, key cast) was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982, and adopted by a Japanese American family at age six months. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000, and among other endeavors at the intersection of artmaking, selfdiscovery, and survival, began performing as an exotic and burlesque dancer, where she served not only as a sexual projection, but as a private confessor. These experiences inspired the performance Over a two year period, she collected intimate stories through performances Confession Box and A Bare Witness . In 2016, Tangecreated Confession Room, an interactive multimedia installation at Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown.

In her work, she engages the latent tension between desire and anxiety, exposing her own vulnerability, battling the internal struggle of acclimating to trauma, and inviting others to offer theirs.


Matthew Kaundart bio photo.jpg

Born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas , Matthew Kaundart (director) is an LA based filmmaker working in both narrative and documentary, as well as a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts . His films often feature an experimental spirit and have screened worldwide, including at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, the American Documentary Film Festival, and Outfest. His work has also been featured in publications such as VICE, LA Weekly, Narratively, Somesuch, and more.


Luka Fisher Bio Photo.jpg

Luka Fisher (producer) is a Los Angeles based artist, translator and creative producer. Much of their solo works and collaborations have been process based attempts at exploring gender, identity, sexuality, and human connection. They are interested in how artistic exchange and collaboration can generate unexpected insights, foster healing and at times function as a tool for community building.