Showcasing the Infinite ways cultures connect through Art, Music, Food, Fashion and Film.

Thank you all for attending our festival.  And thank you to all our sponsors and partners for making it possible.


Here are some photos from the day of the festival.


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Thank you! From the Staff of KAFFNY 2017

Thank you! From the Staff of KAFFNY 2017



The 2017 program can be found on our program and schedule page.





In its 11th year, KAFFNY Infinite Cinema invites filmgoers to a one-day cinematic passport experience.  Embracing the motto of CONNECT. FUSE. REPEAT. KAFFNY Infinite Cinema challenges its audience to discard notions of cultures as separate, discrete and insular, instead exploring the infinite possibilities of contact, fusion, and creation born from the mixing of different backgrounds.  Let the screen transport your mind to new places, new practices, and new perspectives, leaving you entertained, challenged and confident to forge new relationships with those outside of your bubble.

All screenings take place Wythe Hotel screening room, at 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn NY 11249 on Saturday October 14th, 2017.

KAFFNY's expertise in programming comes from the application of a third culture perspective, which is a proactive form of cultural awareness from the inside-out, rather than politically reactive. For the first ten years, KAFFNY honed this by looking at the condition of the Korean diaspora, showing films from five continents, with all kinds of ethnicities, characters, stories, genres and mediums.


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