KAFFNY Infinite Cinema Call for Entries 2017


In its 11th year operating in the arts scene of New York City and 4th year in Brooklyn, KAFFNY invites the world to participate in creating the first platform for "Infinite Cinema." Culture is not a fixed point. The mere idea of a "tradition" can be used for inhuman purposes. By applying the concept of infinity, KAFFNY turns the dialogue to all those artists who recognize a needed deference to the concept of humanity, and away from any official definition of global culture.

KAFFNY's expertise in programming comes from the application of a third culture perspective, which is a proactive form of cultural awareness from the inside-out, rather than politically reactive. For the first ten years, KAFFNY honed this by looking at the condition of the Korean diaspora, showing films from five continents, with all kinds of ethnicities, characters, stories, genres and mediums.


We are now accepting submissions for our 11th Annual film festival, taking place in Brooklyn, New York in October 2017.

Our programming will fall into two main sections: INFINITE CINEMA and KOREAN DIASPORA. Our staff shall determine which sections are most appropriate for selected films. Films from either section are eligible to compete for Most Infinite Feature and Most Infinite Short (inclusive of narrative and documentary forms).

In furthering its expansion into "third culture" territory at the 10th Annual in 2016, KAFFNY is taking the cultural application of its mission into infinity. There is no other concept that is more boundless to the imagination of potential global culture. Films will be selected on the basis of the degree to which they expand our imaginations of culture, globally. Films do not need to explicitly or very obviously portray this. In fact, we think global culture is probably best expressed through an individual's story. To get an idea of what we mean, you can see our past programming on our website: kaffny.com.

KAFFNY invites filmmakers of all backgrounds to submit for consideration films that are relevant to the Korean American community, the Korean diaspora, Korean-identified persons, or as our name implies, New York. KAFFNY also considers works outside the Korean nexus featuring at least one key creative member of Korean heritage, regardless of the subject matter. 

Submissions are being accepted in the following categories:

Narrative or documentary, for films longer than 50 minutes, completed any year. Films completed January 1, 2016 or later are eligible for competition (if any, at KAFFNY discretion).

All genres, for films shorter than 50 minutes, completed any year. Short films completed January 1, 2016 or later are eligible for competition (if any, at KAFFNY discretion).


KAFFNY defines a short film as any film with a running time less than 50 minutes.

KAFFNY defines a feature film as any film with a running time greater then 50 minutes.

Non-narrative and experimental films of any length may be submitted to Shorts.

KAFFNY prefers at least New York City premieres (first time screening theatrically to the public), but will make exceptions if it determines an audience still exists for additional local screenings. Films having received any theatrical or home-video distribution of any kind beyond festival screenings or that have been broadcast on television or the Internet may similarly be considered.

Films that have only had private, unpublicized screenings do not count against KAFFNY's premiere preference.

Films that have been previously submitted to KAFFNY are ineligible.

The applicant holds the sole responsibility of copyright clearance of any copyrighted material in the film. Films including unauthorized copyrighted material are ineligible.

Films not in English must be subtitled in English unless dialogue is minimal and not necessary for the comprehension of the film.

*** The final screening copy of your accepted film must be received by KAFFNY no later than August 31, 2017. If screening copy is not received by then, KAFFNY retains the right to disqualify the film, without refund of the submission fee.


Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway.

Multiple versions of the same film will not be considered.

If the submitted material does not play, KAFFNY will make an attempt to contact the applicant based on the contact information supplied at the time of submission in order to obtain a replacement. If a replacement is not available, KAFFNY reserves the right to disqualify the film without refunding the submission fees.

KAFFNY will attempt, but is under no obligation, to view a submission that arrives after the designated deadline without refund of the submission fee.

KAFFNY reserves the right to excerpt portions and scenes of your film at no fee, up to 1 minute, for use in promotional materials.

There is no guaranteed travel stipend or reimbursement for filmmakers.