Festival Schedule: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wythe Hotel Cellar-Level cinema, 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249              Tickets: www.KAFFNY.com

1:00PM Infinite Food Connection


Selection of short films that connect the world through food and their stories.  After the screening we'll have a panel to discuss the journies behind the people who make the food that we eat, and tasting.

Films include The Last Tip (4:36), Cooking With Granny (10:00), Shield (20:00), Kimchi Taco (14:16), Migrant Kitchen (10:00), Refugee Chef (10:00)




3:00PM Infinite Fashion Connection *FREE*

Stay woke on world fashion with this selection of short films.  After the screening we will have a panel to discuss ethical fashion and how the clothes we choose impacts people who make them.

Films include Prince's Test (5:20), Euna (18:24), Perception (2:13), Factory Man (4:33), En Route (10:04), Made In Cambodia (9:33)




5:00PM Worldwide Korean Connection

These short films focus on the Korean diaspora with an array of different stories.  A few films focuses on mental health & domestic abuse which we seek to discuss and explore after the screening.

Films include I'm Here, Too (5:00), Mom (8:00), Fractured (13:51), Angeltown (20:30), Tetsu Kono's Crazy Routine (16:30), Fault (10:17), Family (22:34)



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7:30PM Infinite migration connection 

Experience these stories that deal with issues of home, migration, and adoption with screening of the Documentary Amsterdam Stories USA-West, along with the short film Dear Mother.  Come for an interactive experience led by Kayla Tange (a performance artist and the subject of Dear Mother).

Films include Dear Mother (3:45), Amsterdam Stories USA - West (90:00)




10:00PM Crazy, rich, Asian americans?

These two films tells two very different stories set around characters who are part of rich Asian American families.  Is being rich and Asian American a blessing or a curse?  Come to the screening and discussion afterwards as we try to find the answer to that question.

Films include Lola (25:00), The Last Tour (71:00)