Director: Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn

Awakening beneath an unusual tree in the middle of nowhere, Alexis, a teenage girl, is told by a young boy that she has died. They're in In-between: a place for the dead unable to crossover because of their attachment to their past lives. Through their new friendship, Alexis and Matthew confront their past and in their exploration of love and death, consider their future.

Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn (Director & Producer) was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. After receiving a bachelor's degree in geography from Thammasat University, she decided to come to New York to pursue filmmaking. She began her studies in filmmaking at the School of Visual Arts where she immersed herself in the complete process, from set designing to screenwriting. She found herself profoundly delighted when she made and showed her first short film Papercut in Digital Filmmaking I class and received a SVA Digital Film Audience Award Spring 2012. This motivated her to pursue an M.F.A. in Media Arts Production at the CCNY on narrative track. Her subjects of interest includes interpersonal relationships, thoughts, minds, memories and anything that is related to the coming-of-age genre. She enjoys narrating heavy stories hidden beneath fantasy worlds. Her influences include Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and J.K. Rowling.