Director & Producer: Lucretia Stinnette

Having just arrived to South Korea, Quyen attempts to adapt to her unfamiliar surroundings as gracefully as she can. The first week of her arranged marriage has been stressful: her husband is not at all what she’d imagined, and her mother-in-law has only criticism to give. A visit from a childhood friend provides momentary respite and introduces Quyen to other options for life in this foreign country. QUYEN is an honest examination in the choices made for family, survival, and happiness

Lucretia Stinnette was born and raised on Chicago’s west side. She earned her BA from USC, and is currently pursuing her MFA at UCLA. Lucretia has a multi-faceted international background; she has worked in law, international relations and international education, and has lived in countries such as Ghana, South Africa and South Korea. Lucretia wishes to tell stories that subvert stereotypes and bring marginalized viewpoints to the center. She is the recipient of the 2014 Princess Grace Graduate Film Scholarship, the Lynn Weston Fellowship in Film, the Women in Film Foundation/Verna Fields Memorial Fellowship and the Four Sisters Scholarship in Directing.