Director: Youngki Jin ⎜ 13 minutes 7 seconds 

Fernando, an undocumented immigrant, crosses the border to find work to support his family. He earns a living in New York City as a day laborer but due to traffic and heavy snow, he is late to work and gets fired. Instead of waiting on‭ ‬the street, he tries to find a job on his own.‬ 

Youngki Jin is a film director, writer residing in New York. Originally from South Korea, he‭ ‬has his bachelor degree in Creative Writing and MFA in Film directing at‭ ‬ The City College of New York. His movie credits including SUNNYSIDE (Best Fictionat City Vision, 68th Cannes Short Film‭ ‬Corner), BLACKBIRDS (Manhattan Film Festival, Brooklyn Short Film Festival, Korean American Film Festival New York),HOLE (CUNY Asian Film Festival). He has made movies related to family issues such as how characters sustain and love their families. He is currently writing on developing feature scripts, Broken Window and Riding a Bicycle.‬